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6/26/10 Thanks to an excellent user suggestion, I have altered the behavior after you add or edit a service. Previously, if you were viewing limited services and added or edited one, you were then returned to the full listing, but now you are returned to the view you had before editing. If, for instance, you are viewing only oil changes and you edit one, when you save your data you are returned to the listing of only oil changes.

2/06/10 Historically email addresses have been unique, meaning two logins could not share an email address, but there really is no need for that limitation, and some users may wish to use more than one login to group vehicles, so I have dropped that requirement. If you wish to create additional logins using your same email address, now feel free to do so.

9/19/09 You can use MileageTracker to track things other than vehicle maintenance! Simply set up a "vehicle" for miscellaneous tasks you wish to track by date, such as replacing furnace and water filters, smoke detector batteries, contacts lenses, etc. See this account as an example.

5/23/09 I have added functionality so that you can define the order in which your vehicles are listed on the vehicle listing page and the dropdown list at the top of vehicle detail pages; the URL is http://www.mileagetracker.org/editVehicleSortOrder.php, and you will find a link to this page at the top of your vehicle listing page, between the Add a New Vehicle and Edit Your Profile links.

4/11/09 I have developed a no-frills screen designed for entering gas purchases via a mobile device while at the pump; the URL is http://www.mileagetracker.org/quickGasEntry.php. Select your vehicle from the dropdown, and enter the odometer reading, volume, and total cost. You can also optionally add comments and check "partial" if you didn't fill up.

Since on many devices you must press keys repeatedly to get to the digit (e.g. a, b, c, 2) I have implemented two things so you don't have to do this: if your phone supports javascript (many don't) digits appear in real-time; if not, you'll see letters as you press the keys (e.g. entering 2345 will result in adgj) - just go ahead and enter it that way, and then click the "Format" button; the request will be sent to the server (but the data not saved) and all letters will be converted to the correct numbers. Edit anything if necessary, and then click "Submit" to save the data. Once you're comfortable with this and are pretty sure you pressed the correct keys, you can omit clicking "Format" and the letters will be converted and the data saved. Since the "1" key often is used for punctuation, all punctuation characters except the period (since it's used as a decimal point) are converted to "1". You can omit entering a decimal point, and it will automatically be entered for you (leaving 3 numbers to the right for volume and 2 for cost.)

Upon submitting, your MPG for the current fillup (assuming it wasn't a partial fillup) is displayed, along with any service due warnings.

One more note - if you wish for a particular vehicle to be the default in the dropdown, add "?id=x" where 'x' is the ID of that vehicle to the URL that you bookmark. How to get that ID? Pull up that vehicle in the main interface and look at the end of the URL in the address bar.

This may take a few uses to get used to, so you may wish to experiment a bit at home before actually using it. You can practice entering via your mobile device and then view the results via a browser. Remember that via the main interface you can always edit and delete services. You may also find it useful to temporarily create a dummy vehicle for practicing; you can always delete it later by clicking the "Edit Vehicle Details" link at the top while viewing it.

Many thanks to my friend Jason Glydewell for testing this throughout development and providing valuable feedback. I hope you find it useful, and as always, feel free to drop me a line using the "Feedback" link at the top.

3/22/09 Regarding the 2/28/09 enhancement - I changed the threshold from 25% to 50% to better accomodate wide variances in fuel economy.

3/12/09 Regarding the 1/31/09 enhancement - I'm now thinking it's better without the auto-decimal function, so I have removed it.

2/28/09 Update on the 8/21/08 MPG modification - I have implemented the functionality I mentioned, so that now any MPG more than 25% higher than average for the vehicle is interpreted as a missed fillup record, and the MPG is neither displayed nor factored in the average.

1/31/09 I added functionality on the edit service screen so that you can key the gallons/liters and amount fields without a decimal point, and one will automatically be placed for you.

9/05/08 I have added a notepad to each vehicle; it is a large, free-form text box for you to type whatever you wish about your vehicles. It is a completely private field, viewable only by you. When you are viewing records for one of your vehicles, you will see a new "Notepad" link amongst the row of links across the top, right above the service grid.

8/29/08 The 1000th user just signed up! Thanks to everyone that is using the site; I hope you find it useful. Spread the word to your family and friends, and use the feedback link at the top if you have any questions or comments.

8/21/08 I added functionality to skip calculating miles per gallon when a fuel purchase is not recorded, which previously caused an artificially high reading for the next recorded tank (as well as skewed the average.) I currently do this by skipping any MPG figure greater than 100, but in the future I plan to tailor it per vehicle by averaging the MPG figures and skipping ones that are more than, say, 50% higher than average.

4/02/08 Liters units for gasoline is now supported. Previously you could enter values in liters and things would work OK, but the labels everywhere still said gallons. You can now edit your vehicle's properties (Edit This Vehicle's Details link at the top when viewing a vehicle's records) and select liters or gallons. No conversion is performed; this merely changes the nomenclature used throughout the site. So, if you purchase gas in liters but have been calculating the number of gallons before entering into MileageTracker, you'll want to either continue doing so or switch to liters and then go back and convert all the previous entries. If you have a large number of records that needs to be converted, I can easily do so at the database level for you and will be glad to do so; just send me a note via the Feedback link at the top. If you purchase in liters and have been entering the amount in liters, then go ahead and make the switch.

3/24/08 I have implemented a way to identify certain service types as favorites so that they are the only ones that appear in the service types dropwdowns when you add services, but with a click of a button, presto! they're all there. To set your favorites, go to the service threshold edit page (the link is below the list of services but above the list of last services) for any car or bike (the favorites belong to vehicles rather than users, so you can include "Replace CV Joint" for your car but omit it for you motorcycle, for instance) and check the service types that you wish to hide by default (there is a "Check All" link at the top that you can use and then selectively uncheck the few that you wish to be your favorites.) Then, when you're on the service entry page, your dropdown lists will have significatnly fewer options, but you can click the "Show All" link at the top of the column to refresh the dropdowns to show all options.

2/20/08 I added the ability to define the maximum data value used on the graphs (it is on the graph creation page, where you indicate the timeframe, etc.); this way, if you wish to directly compare graphs for two or more vehicles by toggling between them, you can set this to the same value for each graph so the y-axis will be identical for each of them; otherwise, leave it blank, and the value will be calculated automatically.

12/30/07 The 500th user just signed up! I'm glad so many folks are finding the site useful, and thanks to all who have sent me ideas and compliments. I have just compacted the top links on the View Vehicle page: the three service type options (all, omit gas, only gas) are now listed as "Choose To Show" with a dropdown; the same is true for the three graphs; they are now listed under "Create Graph." This allowed me to compress all the links into one line so the data can start closer to the top of the page. If you have Javascript disabled, you will not get these dropdowns; I think most everyone has it enabled these days, but if you do not, please let me know.

10/5/07 Now that Mileage Tracker has been around for a while, some users service pages are getting pretty lengthy. To help with that, I have implemented a control that switches between showing all services and just the most recent. By default, when you load a page, only the most recent will show; the link to switch between the two modes is right above where the grid starts; it will say either "Show All Records" or "Show Most Recent Records." I hope you like this and find it beneficial!

8/11/07 The MPG and gas price graphs now offer date filtering like the mileage graph.

7/24/07 The miles per month graph has been greatly enhanced. Previously it rendered only for all dates and grouped only by month, and if you weren't creating one for an individual vehicle, the only grouping offered was for motorcycles. Now you can run it for all dates, last year, the last 12 months, or any custom date range, and you can group by month or year. You can also run it for your cars only, your bikes only, or both.

7/17/07 When creating a new service, you can now type just the last 3 digits of your odometer. Previously you had to either enter all digits or place your cursor at the end and backspace. This enhancement makes for fast data entry; upon coming to the screen, the date field is highlighted and set to the current date. Press the minus key if you need to back up a day or two; then press Tab to highlight the odometer field; type over what's there with the last 3 digits of your odometer, and when you press Tab again to go to the first service type dropdown, the digits before the last 3 will be reinserted (and increased by 1 if the 3 that you type are less than the current last 3, indicating you've rolled over to the next thousand.) This only works if you enter data somewhat frequently; if your entries have several hundred/thousand miles between them, enter the full odometer reading each time.

7/12/07 The 300th user just signed up! Thanks to everyone that is using the site; spread the word to your friends and family, and use the feedback link at the top if you have any questions or comments.

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